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Hello all, here are a few facts about me-
- have been stamping since the late 90's (but coloring for much longer... over a half century!).
- have worked in the field of drug and violence prevention for over 30 years, mostly with schools and community coalitions. Actually, my board name is drawn from a nickname related to my career. A few years ago I taught drug-prevention lessons to 600 elementary aged students a week. My last name is Asper, but one of my kindergartners dubbed me "Mrs Asperin" and it stuck! Kids DO say the cutest things!
- celebrate 37 years of marriage next month (December) to the love of my life and my best friend. We have never been blessed with kids... not the two legged kind anyway... but have enjoyed spoiling a few dozen nephews and nieces and mentored many youth through church activities.
- Met this amazing group of paper artisans in May 2012, and have loved the inspiration, challenges, swaps and comraderie that I've found here.
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