Welcome Pam!

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I see a familiar name as a new member...Sunny Girl Pam. She's one of my crafty friends. Please join me in welcoming her. I hope she sees this and joins in the challenges.
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Well, any friend of Elaine's is a friend of ours; especially a crafty one! Don't be shy, Pam. We are a very friendly group and we would love tonhave you join the fun. So, welcome! Grab a cup of coffee and check things out.
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So happy to have you join us, Pam! Jump on into the challenges, and have some fun.
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WELCOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
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Welcome, Pam. You will love it here! We are a friendly, funny, encouraging, and creative group! (And some of us really like shiny things!)
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I'm glad I saw her!! The registration was buried in with a bunch of spam ones. :o :o
Glad you're here!
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