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I had my grand daughter Emily (14 yrs old) with me today and we or should I say she made a few cards I just sat back and watched her we had a blast just chit chatting and had lots of laughter.
Here are her proud of her!
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Those are wonderful cards! So wonderful that you had that fun time together. Let her know other people think her work is beautiful, too.
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it's a great activity to do while hanging out!
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Those are great cards! Sarah used to do that at my house, too. Time with our Grands is so precious! My Sarah has spent the last 3 weeks at Kansas City Art Institute. We are going to the exhibition tonight. She is far too advanced for Grandma now!
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Terrie, Emily's cards are amazing! I especially like the one with the heart. So bold and bright!
And Ellie, how exciting. Will you post photos of your granddaughters artwork? (If you are allowed to take photos. Don't get arrested for doing it!! :D )
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I hope that you can share your grand daughter exhibition......
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