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I think I'd shared with you about my sisters cancer? SIf not, here is a quick review. She was having major back pain, and actually had six vertebra disintegrate (two when she sneezed!) before being finally diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma shortly after Christmas. I traveled back in South Dakota a few times to spend time with her as she went through a few rounds of chemo. She then spent six weeks at Mayo Clinic in MN for stem cell replacement surgery. She needed someone with her 24/7 during her time there, and I was able to work my schedule to spend the week of July 4th with her. The poor kid was vomiting for nearly a week, but finally, the last few days I was there she was starting to feel better as her healthy new stem cells finally did what they were supposed to do, settle in and replicate! She is an amazing sister, mom and grandma... so I am thankful that she is now home and well on the road to recovery! Amen and Amen!

Meanwhile, I had put my life on hold for a bit so that I could be available if she needed my help. Stamping was truly my therapy. I've been glad for this wonderful group plus the many friends I've made through my blog. I am finishing up a Guest DT spot for Beccy's Place, and had been in email communication with two other companies about being a DT. As soon as things settled down they wanted mt to start... so, as of this week I am now a DT for Penny's Challenge (2 x a month) and QKR Stampede's weekly challenge.

I have been learning the ropes for posting, etc. right now, so am on kind of a steep learning curve, but think it will be fun!

Of course, I'll still be a regular here at wcc. So, just wanted to share the excitement with my favorite paper crafting peeps!
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So glad your sister is doing so much better! Congratulations on the DT spots! You probably won't be on here as much, but I can't wait to see what you do for the different companies!
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Kathy, congrats on your new DT positions! I hope you have a great time doing it.
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Congrats Kathy on being on a DT such a honor to be asked...enjoy the ride
also glad you got to be with your sister and she is doing's tough being sick.... wishing her the best
thanks for sharing your life with makes us closer to each other.
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