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Look what arrived today at my house....Vince, my three daughters and my working grand daughter pitch in and got a Scan N Cut toy just for me....it's going to be my Christmas and Birthday gift from them....looking forward in having fun with this machine...
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Oh', I've not heard of this toy. But how much fun for you! Look forward to seeing all the wonderful things you create and share! (PS You've got a great family!)
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Terrie - what a wonderful birthday/Christmas present!
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Yah Terrie!!! I wish I would of bought this machine instead of the Silhouette. I hardly ever cut anything with it. The scan and cut is so nice to cut your images . I never could get the print and cut feature to work right. Have fun and you really have a great family!!!
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Terrie, please let me know how you like it. I had it on my Christmas list. I joined a Scan n Cut group on Facebook but I got scared because lots of people seem to have trouble with it. My birthday is next month and I could ask for it then if you tell me that you love it.
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That looks awesome Terrie! Congrats on your new toy and give us your feedback.
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Congratulations Terrie! That should be a fantastic tool for you to use.
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I started to play a bit but then I had Molly for a few hours....But I did cut some images and it cut pretty good right on the line. the only thing is the machine is pretty loud....I will try again soon
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