Grand=daughter's Graduation

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I wanted to share a couple of pictures of my grand daughters cause you are my card making family and I'm a proud Nana.

Katelynn in the blue gown finished 4th in her Senior Class of 505 students and Perfect Attandance for 4 years of High School.
Katelynn starts college at UMass in the Fall in Graphic Design.

Emily in the gold gown finished with High Honors and received the Presidental Award and the highest Acheivement Award in her class...
Emily is going into High School and wants to become a Veterianarian.

Thank you for letting me share this with you all...
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Congrats Kathy!

I just finished watching Alexandria's college graduation, it's an emotional time for all of us! It's so great to have a great group of women & our favorite crafting guy to share our stories with and celebrate together (even if it is across cyberspace)!
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And your crafting friends love sharing in these types of exciting events! The two beautiful ladies look proud and happy... and that is as it should be! (And, if you'd posted a picture of yourself, I''ll bet you would have looked proud and happy... and beautiful, too!)
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Terrie, congrats to both of your granddaughters!
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Terrie, thank you for sharing this exciting time with us! Congrats to both of your granddaughters.
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Congratulations Terrie! It's always nice to match faces to names. Beautiful girls!
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Bright AND beautiful! You are a lucky Nana! You should be so proud of two very fine outstanding young ladies! Congratulation! Thank you for sharing your family with your on line family!
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