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Oh yes, I'm still here. I want to share what I've been doing. I've spent the last two days making these 20 cards of appreciation for our soldiers. I will sign them and send them on to Cards For Soldiers. They will then be sent to deployed soldiers to let them know that they are thought of and appreciated. I am also working on Valentines and Easter Cards for them to send back home to family and friends. I will see you guys next Wednesday for the challenge. Have a great weekend!
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Ellie - they are great!

I know when my cousins was deployed overseas, they loved getting mail! They would also tell us of co-workers who didn't get mail and we would send "extras" in their package or our family would adopt them and send care packages directly to them. Of course, this was before cell phones and emails, so "happy" mail was a blessing for everyone!
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Ellie, so proud of you for getting involved in such a worthwhile cause. Beautiful cards and I'm sure they will be much appreciated.
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