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Hi everyone,

I'm sorry I've been MIA so much this summer. My Dad had to have an aneurysm on the vein leading to his kidney fixed and he spent 11 days in the hospital. He came home on Sunday but can not be left alone for the next couple of weeks, so my sister and I are trying to come up with a schedule to help out my Mom as she has to work! Plus, I have all my normal (and hectic) life to lead and 2 of my adult kids moving back home to help with Grandpa too!

I really need some therapeutic crafting time...
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Oh how stressful! I'm glad that you have family members stepping up to help. I cannot imagine how your mom is dealing with this. (Actually, I remember how I handled my hubby's stroke a few years ago so I CAN imagine.) Will be holding all of you in my prayers.
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Yikes! Trudi, you and your family will be in my prayers.
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Oh Trudi, you are a saint! Hope Dad is feeling better and is up and at 'em soon. God bless!
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I was just wondering where you been.....thanks for letting know how busy you have been.
Wishing your Dad better days and for you and your family too....take care
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UPDATE: My dad is doing much better...thanks for all the extra prayers. My sister's husband, Brad, spent Saturday night/Sunday in the hospital...his bp dropped so low that he passed out...now he's wearing a heart monitor to find out what's going on with him! Also, Stephen's brother (Phil) is in the hospital...he had a mass removed from behind his eye yesterday. I am officially dubbing this summer as Summer of the Hospitals!

(and of course none of the hospitals are the local one...they have been either Providence in Everett or Swedish is Seattle...best doctors and equipment around but so far to drive to daily!)
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