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I just mailed out a prize to a winner and this bubble package weighted nothing and I was charged $4.06 which I find it ridiculous of the charges the post office do...….I rather give my winner a $ 5.00 gift card instead of giving the post office that kind of money....so what I'm asking which craft store would you like a gift card from....
AC Moore
Hobby Lobby
Oh by the way the post office said that they charge more if you mail bubble wrap envelope...I didn't know that.

let me know what you think.....thanks for your time

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I have often thought the same thing. I finally went to buying all flat things that can be mailed in a standard envelope with maybe 1 extra stamp. I have all of those stores near me so they all work for me!
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I love this idea! I have struggled with the postage costs the last few times, too.
We have a Hobby Lobby and JoAnnes not too far away, so those two would work for me.
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I do flat stuff and just weigh and do stamps, too. The gift card is a great idea. We have all of those EXCEPT AC Moore, here.
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I don't have an AC Moore...but I have all the other stores!

I don't mind having a gift card or store credit to a digi store or an online stamp or paper store! (Or just pick crafty stuff from Amazon and get the free shipping!)
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