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Okay, it's a proud Momma moment....Katrina has started working on her Girl Scout Silver Award. She met with the Coordinator of our local Meals-on-Wheels, and narrowed her project down. She is making Christmas cards for the Volunteers (75+ cards) and Valentine's cards for ALL their clients (300+ cards). She will host a few card making workshops to help her reach her goal and to let other kids know that they too can help Meals-on-Wheels. She is so excited!

If you are not familiar with the Awards, they are Community Service Projects that the GIRLS plan and execute.

Bronze Award (4th & 5th graders), can be done as a troop but each girl must do 20+ hours
Silver Award (6th to 8th graders), can be done as a small group but each girl must do 50+ hours
Gold Award (High school), an individual project, must go through a rigorous approval process, must be self-sustaining, must take 80+ hours to complete
<Joseph's Eagle Project was easier to get approved and accomplished than Samantha's Gold Award was!>
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Wow! That is an impressive and very amazing and wonderful project! That's a whole lot of work involved in it, as well.
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Well done! Both you and Katrina are an inspiration!
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Awesome...way to go...thanks for sharing this accomplishment.
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I thought I would update you on Katrina's project!

At Christmas, Katrina delivered 80 Christmas cards for the Volunteers at Meals on Wheels. Since then, she has been working on Valentine's Day Cards for ALL the Meals on Wheels clients...she needs over 300 cards! I've been helping her, we have tried several different One Sheet Wonder templates and to create one (revamped existing one to make it simpler) with the mat sheets as well. She hosted a mini workshop for some friends and she discovered that the templates were still too hard (would have been okay one-on-one but as an event it was a fail) but the 3 of them still got 43 cards made in 3 hours. We also bought some "kiddie" Valentine's cards that they matted and added some glitter to. She now has 230 Valentine's Day cards made. If you want to see pictures of the cards, please check out her Facebook page...Katrina's Girl Scout Silver Award.
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