Hi, my name is...

Hi, my name is anotherbev, and I am from SE Tennessee. I am into painting and needle arts. I became interested in card making through various You Tube artists, and watching paintbrush brown on Periscope. I took the "dive" right before Christmas, and I've become seriously interested in the whole process.
When I was tiny, my Aunts in England always sent such beautifully made, elegant cards. I want to be able to produce these. Thanks for including me in the group.
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Welcome to our group! I'm glad you have joined us. Is it OK to call you Bev?

We have some great card makers here and we are all willing to share tips. Jump in and try one or both of this wee's challenges. We won't have our regular challenges next week because we have a crop starting on Wednesday. During the crop there will be two challenges each day and a game to play. You can do as much or as little as you like; it's not an all-or-nothing deal. If you have questions just ask. Anyone here can help you. Most of all relax and enjoy! We are very laid back here so we are not sticklers for following the "rules".
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Welcome to our group! I think you'll soon feel comfy here, anotherbev. Just jump in whenever you are ready. And, like Ellie said... this is a very friendly and affirming group. I love how the challenges they post encourage me to try new things. And I love that comments are always kind... and sometimes hilarious! (PS We miss seeing Marilyn, i.e paintbrush brown. She is such a talented artist and her cards always amazed me! Am glad she is enjoying periscoping... but I'd love to have her scope us out again sometime!)
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Welcome Bev! Glad you found your way on!

You'll learn lots here and get lots of interesting ideas. I can say that from experience. These ladies (and one gent) have taught me a lot--I was a complete "newbie" when I started on a forum with them all. Pinterest is full of cool ideas as well. :lol:
The challenges are great for giving you an idea of someplace to start. Sometimes they'll give a sketch to inspire. Sometimes they'll introduce you to a fun way to fold your card or a new technique. Just jump in and have fun with it! That is the main goal!
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So glad to have you join us, Bev. Just jump on in and try things. It's amazing how much you learn just by trying things that never appealed to you. Hey, that's how I found some of my favorite techniques.
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Welcome "anotherbev".....looking forward in seeing your work, just make yourself at home.

Please say hello to Marilyn for me...
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