2018 Birthday Club

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Good grief, it's the end of November 2017! :o Seems like it just got started. Anyway, if anyone else would like to host/run the Birthday Club for next year, you're welcome to it. If not, sign up here to participate in our 2018 Birthday Club.

What's involved: Make and send a birthday card to each person that is part of the group. If you get behind, send a belated one! Receive a birthday card from everyone else in the group on or around your birthday.

How to join: Put your name on the list here, as well as something you really enjoy, like a specific animal, flower, vintage, old cars, motorcycles, etc. Also, list your birth date. Then, PM your mailing address to me (Golda).

I'm in! Golda Peterson, September 15. I really love any cute animal, but walruses are a favorite, dragons and hippos are close behind.

Simple. It's fun coming up with birthday cards for everyone throughout the year, too.

Now, it's your turn!
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Hi, my name is Ellie and I am in a 12 step program for paper hoarders. My B Day is January 25 and I love vintage!...because I AM vintage. Golda, please sign me up and thank you for keeping this going.
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I'm in! Trudi Renault and my birthday is Nov 27th. I love the look of vintage/shabby chic cards (but find it difficult to make them) as well as fun folds.

Thank you Golda for keeping the Birthday Club going...
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I'm in....my name is Terrie and my birthday is December 26....do I like this day for my birthday NO I DO NOT but I didn't have a choice back then...lol
Any card is fine with me as long it doesn't have a Christmas theme to it....my favorite color is blue

Thanks Golda for doing this...I've been in this birthday group since it started and I love it.
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Hello, my name is Elaine O'Connell and my birthday is April 25th. I like food, nature and animals and my favorite color is teal.

Thanks Golda! My info is still the same but if you need it, let me know and I'll PM you.
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Hello, My name is Barry Snarr but my close friends know me as the "Prince of Paper" :D My birthday is Sept 16th and I love whimsical cards and comic book hero's or anything Disney related. My info is still the same.

Thank you Golda!
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Sign me up Golda!!! You can surprise me with the card colors. I love to craft so getting crafted cards are the best.I love vintage cards.
My birthday is July the 3rd.
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Sign me up Golda :D I love anything hand made. Any color is swell. My info has stayed the same.
Thanks for doing this again Golda. OH and my birthday is March 10th...
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