Gearing up!

I third the green bottle - just pops more. Both are lovely though!
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That's great, Kathy!! I'm glad you got good use out of the coupon. It was in a magazine I got in the mail and there isn't a JoAnn's here, so I thought you might as well get some use out it rather than it going in the recycling bin!
I like both bottles! Each good for their own look. :)

So we're only a couple days away from our crop start! I'm not good at coming up with discussion questions! haha :lol: However, I'm freezing today, so I'm trying to think warm and think SPRING!
So tell me, what is your favorite flower?

I love so many flowers that it is hard to pick one. But I do love roses. I also really like tulips--and they come in so many many beautiful colors, pastel and bold...And their all beautiful!
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Kathy, both card turned out really nice...

I really love Yellow Roses especially if they are tightly closed then slowly open up
I also like Yellow Carnation too.
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I love all sorts of flowers. Probably my favorite is orchids, 'cause they are just so unusual looking.
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I'm behind on this post... We were in Wyoming all weekend.
My favorite color for spring is wisteria, yellow, and a light teal.
My favorite flowers are roses. I love them and the fragrant smell. I had two Grand Thomas Prize yellow Rose bushes at my house down in the city, we can't have them here because of the deer. I miss them.
We have had spring weather for just about the entire month of Feb. Temps in the high 60's. Even up here.
Jane from Utah
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Favorite flower? Daisies! And Lilacs. Oh... and daffodils! (Sorry, there are just so many that I love!)
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Not much Spring prep going on here. My right hand/arm is still in a brace (another 2 weeks). Plus I'm packing up the house to move to Kentucky this summer. Yeah... one handed right now but I still keep working at it. I probably won't get to play in the Crop... my cards have been suffering. But I do love hyacinth, crocus, and tulips in the spring and the colors yellow and purple. I'll be checking in so everyone have FUN!
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My first though for the favorite flower! I guess that won't work, though so I will say...lilacs. Hydrangeas have been on my mind a lot lately, though. I love daisies and roses and pansies and...and...I just love them all.

I will say lilacs though because my grandma had three of the biggest lilac bushes I have ever seen. They were beautiful and my sister and I would play for hours under their branches. Happy memories make for favorites!
Marilyn Brown
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I agree Marilyn, LIlacs have always been my favorite only because my mother had four huge bushes in 4 shades of purple in our back yard growing up and the yard smelled so good in the spring! I lost my mother in August and I miss her every single day. So thinking about this is somewhat bitter sweet for me. But they are such wonderful memories that it is all good!
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