Supply Lists

Host & Hostesses: Please post supply lists here. Especially any special and/or unusual requirements. (Please keep in mind that not all card crafters keep 12x12 paper/card stock handy--so if that is needed please mention it!)

For my challenge basic supplies are needed: card stock, embellishments, and the like.
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For mine, you just need basic card making supplies: card stock, ink, coloring tools.

And the specific need you will have is a flower stamp.
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Basic card making supplies and 12 x 12 card stock.
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Ordinary supplies and imagination for mine!
Marilyn Brown
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No special supplies for my challenge.
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For mine, basic card making supplies and possibly a bit of java (since I know that you'll be up early on Wednesday AM to see what Golda and I have planned!)
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I don't have a challenge but I do have a game...

You need to have some knowledge of "SPRING"
See you Wednesday!!
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Basic supplies are need here. Maybe some yellow card stock.
Jane from Utah
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Basic paper supplies but a circle punches would be very helpful!
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