Wednesday Challenge: And the Sun Shines Through - BARRY WINS

Love the challenge Golda. The spotlight technique is one of my favorites and everyone has done a terrific job.
Marlene D
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Kathy, that is lovely and the memories and stories that go along with it add so very much. Thank you for sharing your life with us.
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Wow, so many wonderful cards already! I love spring's my tulip!

P1250874.JPG (38.68 KiB) Viewed 250 times

I always find it charming, when viewing the red tulip field and find that odd yellow seems to yell "look at me, I'm fabulous!" :lol:
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Kathy, love your card and that it brings you such pleasure. (I just recently used the first piece of sheet music you sent me a while ago - I've been hoarding it for special cards.)

Trudi, your card is a perfect example of spotlighting; the tulip pops off the page!
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Trudi, that is beautiful! I love how you layered it on the yellow to bring out the yellow of the flower.
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Kathy, what a sweet story and a lovely card!
Trudi, I LOVE your tulips!
Jane from Utah
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Kathi, you always find an interesting way to use that old sheet music. What a fun card!

Trudi, I love your bright yellow tulip.Your card brings a smile to my face. I had lots of tulips in my yard when we lived in St. Louis. I've planted a bunch here a couple of times over the years and the squirrels ate all of them...darned squirrels!!
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Trudi, your beautiful card makes me think of a Spring Dance recital. The colored tulip is showing her stuff while the others stand in the background, tittering and giggling, nervously awaiting their turns. (Ok, I just read what I wrote and I promise that I haven't OD'd on caffeine this AM. But, thank you Trudi, for jump starting my little grey cells this morning as my imagination is definitely hitting at all cylinders!)
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I am so excited to show you all this card! I had such a fun time last night making this card for my retired neighbor who is celebrating a birthday on Saturday. She is a gardener and I just know she will love it as much as I do. This is just a free digi stamp that I googled.

Prince of Paper
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Barry, this is wonderful! You neighbor will definitely love it. I really like that you popped up and layered a section of the image.
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