Color Me Springtime WINNER...SHERI

Well, simple as this looks it only took me what 2 and a half hours to compose and put together! :lol:

ColorMeSpringtimeThinkSpringCropFebruary2015.JPG (111.46 KiB) Viewed 197 times
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I love it! It is so light and fluffy! Tickles my fancy!!! LOL Great card, Sheri!
Marilyn Brown
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Sheri - sometimes the simple looking cards are the hardest to make!

Marilyn - staying safe and healthy is more important than a trip to the Post Office!
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Ellie, that is a beautiful card! Love the images and paper.

Sheri, it was worth the time invested! Love the feathers.

Marilyn, isn't the mail supposed to run, no matter what? No excuses! Well, don't put your life in jeopardy, 'cause you are WAY TOO IMPORTANT! Prizes can definitely wait.
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Marilyn, lovely cards and the hydrangea is gorgeous!

Terrie, what a pretty card! Love your pretty flowers!

Ellie, gosh how cute! Reminds me of when my cousin and I would walk around our grandmother's block in our Easter finest.

Sheri, it's so sweet and springy!
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Terrie, your card is pretty no matter the color! Love the vintage looking lace addition.
Ellie, love the vibrant purple plaid. So pretty!
Sheri, your card is so playful. Has a Mardi Gras feel to it!
Marilyn, I agree with the others, your safety is most important. Also, it's always fun to get an unexpected surprise in the mail. So, the fact that the winner won't know when it will show up might make it even more special! (Plus, it's from you... which adds yet another layer of specialness!)
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Ellie, great looking all of your paper and the layout...
Sheri, love the feathers....I agree with Kathy it has the feel of Mardi Gras

Marilyn, so sorry to hear that your getting that nasty weather..please stay safe and warm
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I wasn't even thinking Mardi Gras. I was just looking through my embellishment drawer for inspiration and found the feathers (one of you sent them to me...I'm thinking it was Kathy, but I'm not sure...) The two outside feathers are actually purple, though I think against the purple background paper they look a bit more pink. They aren't though!
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Sheri, what a fun card! It looks like a party on paper.
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Marilyn, your cards are lovely! Love you Hydrangea.
Terrie, love your flowers! Great coloring on them!!!
Ellie, love the papers and the way you put the card together.
Beautiful work ladies!!!
Jane from Utah
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