Thurs Challenge - A wonderful world of color"- Winner is...

I was inspired by Barry's "smooshing" of colors. I only used two, but I didn't want them to get too muddy.

This is a recipe card. I needed a couple little gifts for my student workers for the end of the year. (I try to do a little something at the end of each semester.) The front that you see here leaves space for my handwritten note (as yet to be added). The back will have a popsicle recipe written on it and the card/recipe will be accompanied by a set of popsicle molds!

The sticker is from an EK Success pack that someone sent me as part of a prize package. Unfortunately I don't remember who...But thanks again anyway!

I like how it turned out...But I must say I think I like how the 2nd one turned out better! (See Ellie's challenge for that one.)
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Terrie, I love your purple background ALOT! I am such a purple kind of guy. Love that shade of Purple. You did good with the watercoloring. Nicely done.

Ellie, both are gorgeous and yes I would like the directions, now that I have dabbled in this medium I am anxious to try out more techniques! I like both cards and I like the idea of inking the edges of the white of your sentiment or even taking one of the hues from the watercolor and coloring in the white? Just a thought?

Sheri I love the Lavender and pale yellow and yes I am glad you didn't 'smoosh' them to much, my example 'smooshed' more than I liked but it is what it is. Great job on your recipe card - YUM Popsicles :)
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Everyone's cards a great! I ended up using normal water color paper disappeared! Katrina and I bought it last Friday but someone "helped" clear off my art desk by sweeping everything into a large laundry basket!

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I think I'd better clean my camera lens...I think that the teens got their finger prints on it while they were taking pictures backstage last night!
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Great looking cards ladies...
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Great challenge, Barry!
Terrie your purple and green turned out well.
Ellie, I like the sentiment. I think it finishes the card.
Whispers, I like the purple and yellow and how it looks like you painted with a wide brush.
Trudee, your party card turned out great.
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I love watercolors! A while back I got a prize from Kathy and decided this stamp was the perfect thing for this challenge. I used my Twinkling H2Os for this and the wings have a shimmer. I don't know that the photo does it justice. Thanks, Kathy!
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Marilyn Brown
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Marilyn - that's an adorable pixie!
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Barry, this is a great challenge! I love your example. I've been seeing things like this recently and thought it would be so much fun to try. Here is my opportunity.

Marilyn, your card is adorable. That is a really cut image.

Trudi, what a fun card! I love cards that have sentiments everywhere.

Sheri, that is great with the 2 colors just slightly overlapping! What pretty flowers, too.

Ellie, I love both versions! I like the sentiment on it and how it stands out. Though, Sheri's idea about getting a bit of your water colors around the edges of the white might be good, too.
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Trudi, I like the watercolor wash you created and the stamped sentiments. It reminds me of that ever so popular Subway art! Great colors and fun card.
Marilyn, I love the twinkling H2O for the cute wings. What exactly is that? I must look into getting some. Great card is that a gate fold card? Great job!
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Barry requested the directions on my card so I went into my original post and added them to it. I thought it would make more sense if you could see the photos while reading the directions. Let me know if you have any questions.
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