Stocking up!

MrsAsperin-Kathy wrote:
Golda wrote:Trudi, I'm thinking eating pie out of a mason jar might be a bit messy. But, to each their own. :lol:

For mine you will need twine, thread, string, fiber, something along that line. Color doesn't matter.

Golda, google 'Mason Jar Pies' and you'll be amazed what you'll find! (Drat. Now I'm hungry!!)

Oh, Kathy, those are adorable. They still look messy, but now I'm wanting to try them and I have NO time.
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For my challenge all that is needed is the regular supplies and maybe 2 pennies, a brad or a small piece of wire made into a spring. Oh, and your creativity and if you want pie in a mason jar and that sparks the creative juices flowing go for it!
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:shock: :o :shock: Oh yeah...This is THIS week... :shock: :o :shock:

So guess who needs to make a sample card...

Well, I'll say that for mine you won't need any special or unusual supplies.
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