Saturday-Now Playing on the Main Stage....**Winner-Golda**

...That old time rock 'n roll.

One of the things that I remember most about the fair is the concerts so my challenge is for you to make a card using the rock 'n roll technique. Here is a tutorial if you need it ... ck_n_roll/.

The colors on the picture of my card don't look quite right. It is kind of hard to see, but my flowers are orange with pink on the edges. The pink layer of cardstock is the same color pink as on the flowers, but it doesn't look that way in the picture.

You have until Tuesday night to post your creations and a random winner will be chosen from all participants.

1. Marilyn
2. Barry
3. Trudi
4. Kathy
5. Golda
6. Ellie
7. Sheri
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Koren, I can definitely see the variation in your colors and they are beautiful! Rock on!
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Very pretty Koren and a very fun challenge!!!
Jane from Utah
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Thanks for including the tutorial, Koren, I do need to refresh my mind on how to rock and roll. The sample card is beautiful. Good challenge!
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I have never done this before. I love it! How pretty and difficult looking without being difficult at all! I got to use a stamp I haven't used in a long time and colors I don't normally choose. Today was a good day!
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Marilyn Brown
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Marilyn your flowers are beautiful, and I'm glad that you liked the technique.
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Beautiful example card, Koren! I haven't done this technique in years. Now, to see what I have that will work.
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I remember seeing 'Rascal Flatts' one of my most favorite country group perform at our state fair many years ago. My friend who went with me complained the whole time that we had to stand during the whole concert otherwise we wouldn't have been able to see with everyone else standing. I mean after all we did by a 'seat'. Very funny.
I did the rocking technique to the explosion bubble with SU Daffodil Delight and Cherry Cobbler.
Prince of Paper
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Barry - your card looks like a comic strip panel! Joseph and his "geeky" friends would love it!

I went real simple...balloons! Next time, I definitely will try more contrasting colors and a larger image to work with!

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Wow Barry, what a great card. And where did you get the periodic table paper? I love it.

Trudi, your balloons are so cute. I have to agree with using a larger image. I had trouble getting my flowers to look right because that was a smaller stamp and getting it to roll without going too far into the image was hard.
I do whatever the voices tell me to do.
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