Crop Oganizer!

Everyone give a big thank you to our November crop organizer--Trudeen!!

I especially appreciate her help this time around because I'm likely going to be MIA for a while. Our little guy will just have joined the family and we'll be figuring out all the "newborn stuff" all over for him during the crop time. I'll join in if I can, but I can't guarantee it. I will see if I can get on during the crop and post a pic our Our Baby though! He'll be thematic at that point! :lol: :lol:

So thank you Trudi for getting everything lined up and ready to go! I look forward to seeing the challenges you hostesses/hosts come up with and all your wonderful creations!
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Yeah, Trudi! Thanks for steppin' up for this.
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Sheri - can't wait to see the little man! Oh and Bug can help Grandma make cards!
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That's a great idea, Trudi! She loves making cards!
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Congrats Trudi for hosting this Crop Challenge....
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