Wednesday Challenge - Say, What's in that Drink?

Your challenge is to incorporate a drink of any type into your card, tag, bag, or project. You could make a hang tag for a bottle, a tea holder, a hot cocoa packet holder...the options are endless.

I chose to keep in the feel of the original song; I envision them drinking some fancy martinis. You can't really see it, but I've used liquid glass on the martini glass.

You have till Tuesday, November 17th at midnight to complete and upload a photo of your project to be entered into a random drawing for a prize. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

1. Kathy
2. Golda
3. Trudi
4. Terrie
5. Linda Jo
6. Marilyn
[color=#FF0000]7. Koren[/color]
8. Barry
9. Ellie
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What a fun card! Love the challenge, too.
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A great challenge and card...well done Elaine
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Such a fun card and challenge Elaine!
Jane from Utah
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I love your card. Wish I had one. LOL Just kidding.
Linda Jo
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I've never had a martini... but your amazing card makes me want to try one! Love the bold patterns and sketch that put your sparkly little creation center stage!

Your card reminded me of a recent alcohol related situation. I was visiting a friend in Colorado whose husband really likes Grand Marnier (pronounced GRAN mar-NYAY). But... he noted that it is a rare pleasure because it is very spendy (like $145 a bottle spendy!) And that there is a skill to drinking it because it is heated and you enjoy not just the flavor but also the warm vapors. Oh... and you drink it from one of those huge brandy snifters. He then asked if I'd like to try it. Although I don't drink much hard liquor (am more of a beer and wine girl) I said yes. A few minutes later he brought me a large brandy snifter, (which was about the size of my head!), that was wonderfully warm to the touch and held a small amount of the beautiful orange liquor. Although Dave instructed me how to enjoy the beautiful scent of the warm liquor, I think I burnt my nose hairs on the first attempt! Then, ever so carefully I tipped the glass to my lips so that I wouldn't spill. But... because I was afraid I'd slosh some of the precious liquid all over my face, plus was holding my breath so that I wouldn't burn any more nose hairs, it took many attempts before I was actually able to take a sip. Oh... and did I mention that I got a bad case of the giggles in the process? And I hadn't yet even drunk any alcohol!
Throughout this process, Dave patiently provided guidance and encouragement. At one point it was noted that drinking Grand Marnier isn't usually a team sport! When I finally tipped the glass appropriately, the warm, very orange flavored brandy was delightful. And, this nearly 60 year old woman had a new experience to add to her bucket list- tried something new and extravagant!
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That is a cute story Kathy.
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Kathy, that is hilarious! Glad you enjoyed it. I don't think I've ever tried brandy before and I know I've never had a martini. My husband keeps having me take a sip of his different beers, but my response is always, "It's just too hoppy." Give me a lovely margarita, or something sweet, sometimes even straight coconut rum and I'm happy. I'd make a horrible alcoholic. :lol:
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Kathy, that's delightful! Have the nose hairs grown back yet?
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Cute card Elaine and a fun challenge! are a hoot! Loved your story!
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