Friday Challenge: Ah, but it's cold outside, WINNER: KATHY!

Golda wrote:Koren, that is great! Is it actually paper, or is it burlap or material? It is lovely.

It is paper that was embossed using an embossing folder that has a small tight overall pattern.
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Well, My quilt tree is kind of cattywampus,but here it is.
tree tree.jpg
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Linda Jo
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Linda Jo, that is lovely! I love how you embossed the whole thing, too.

Koren, thank you for the info! It looks great!
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NIce quilt cards everyone! Terrie, you have given everyone a preview of my challenge topic next week! In researching quilt cards I found this simple one that I just loved AND you can use up scraps of paper (I love that). I do feel that quilt cards radiate warmth and love don't you?

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Linda Jo, I love the word cattywampus. My mom used to say it quite often! And, your little tree is adorable!
Barry, I love that your quilt card has fewer little pieces to try to control. It's simplicity is a delight.
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I love how you did that, Barry! Great quilt.
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Linda Jo, I like your tree. It's a little trickier than it looks, huh? You must have cut your pieces smaller than me. I had to enlarge my card and skip the star.

Barry, very sweet card and I like your design.
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Linda Jo, your card is what we call handmade it is just lovely...I like the paper that you used
Barry, I like the way you did your card...never seen it that way before...very nice
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Linda Jo....I love your Christmas tree quilt. It's perfect!

Barry....that's one of my favorite quilt designs for it! Nice card!

Thank you both for trying my challenge.
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I dug deep into the archives and found this set of Martha Stewart border stickers. Haven't used them in years! They were perfect for this quilt pattern. This was a fun card to make. Thanks, Susan!
Ah, but it's cold outside challenge
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