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Now is the time for all the hosts to list any out of the ordinary supplies. Ordinary would include cardstock (but wouldn't hurt to mention if 12x12 or particular color is needed), adhesive, scissors, paper guys all know the drill. Thank you!
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I love this drill... because it means that a Crop is coming!
For my challenge, you'll just need the usual stamping supplies- adhesive, scissors, etc. And... if you don't have the correct stamp for the theme, you'll be able to use clip art or maybe a scrap of wrapping paper!
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Nothing unusual is needed for my challenge.
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Nothing special needed for mine.
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A round popdot would be useful for mine.
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Oh boy...
if I say what you need for my challenge then I will be
saying what my challenge is going to be....
Let me say it this way...."52 pick-up"

you do need the basic supplies...
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Basic supplies mainly. And something that has to do with transportation (ex: a stamp, like a train or boat)

Guess I need to see if I can make a sample card, eh? :lol: Guess that means I need to get the rest of my desk cleared off! :shock: :lol:
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A circle punch(s) would be helpful otherwise just plain old basic supplies for little ole me!
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Basic supplies. ATTENTION You must be vaccinated to play. (Just a hint)
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This whole supplies business has been very disappointing. I will be spending the next three days in the car, driving from Florida to Missouri. I was hoping that I would "need" to stop at every HL and Michaels alomg the way. You guys are not helping me out here! :lol: :lol: :lol:
I have had a wonderful vacation but I am anxious to get back to creating. This crop is just what I need-can't wait!
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