Ticket to Ride--Winner is...Ellie!

Hello everyone!! I know I'm a bit early, but...Getting myself and two little ones ready to be out the door to sitters and work on time by myself is a trick. It is hard enough when my hubby is home to assist. So I'm going to go ahead and get the ball rolling tonight by posting my challenge a tad early.

I am sooooo excited about this crop!! We, my husband and I and our friends, LOVE games! I've chosen one of my favorites to challenge and inspire you this week. So let the crop begin!!!

Ticket to Ride (by Days of Wonder game company) is a wonderful game. You get tickets and you need to complete the individual sections (from city to city) in order to complete the route noted on your tickets. There are several variations of the game, this one--Ticket to Ride Europe--is our favorite of them all. You have tunnels through the Swiss Alps and ferries from the British Isles and near the Mediterranean.

Ticket to Ride box cover.JPG
Ticket to Ride box cover.JPG (172.33 KiB) Viewed 356 times

Ticket to Ride Europe board.JPG
Ticket to Ride Europe board.JPG (187.48 KiB) Viewed 356 times

Tunnels.JPG (152.21 KiB) Viewed 356 times

Ferries.JPG (163.8 KiB) Viewed 356 times

So your challenge is to use a train or boat (ferry), a map, or a ticket--or some combination there of. It is as simple as that. Be creative and have fun! That is, after all, what games (and crops) are all about! :lol:

Here's "my" sample card. I must confess...It isn't mine. :? I really really wanted to make a card, but with all the party preparations, and normal caring for the kids/house stuff I just did not have any time. So Mom stepped up and made a sample card for me. This was the stamp I was going to use on my sample card. She just took the idea and ran with it. I think it turned out beautifully, don't you? Those metallic sheets really make you think train and the color just seems to "take me back" to the days of steam locomotive travel!

Game Night Crop May 2016 Ticket To Ride Sample Card.JPG
Thanks Mom for making the sample card!!
Game Night Crop May 2016 Ticket To Ride Sample Card.JPG (243.06 KiB) Viewed 356 times

So let's see what you come up with! I'll pop in when I can amongst party prep and party festivities to see what has magically appeared! :D At the close of the crop, I will randomly choose a winner for a small prize from among the participants.

All entries must be posted by mid-night Tuesday, May 24th to be eligible for a prize. No card may be used for more than one challenge.

1. Marilyn (Sample Card)
2. Elaine
3. Terrie
4. Trudeen
5. Golda
6. Linda Jo
7. Ellie
8. Kathy
9. Koren
10. Barry
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I've nevr heard of this game, Sheri, but it sure looks interesting. Good challenge for masculine cards.
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I've never heard of this game either. But sounds like fun. And your amazing co-hosts card is striking!
What a great way to start the challenge with a call of "All aboard!"
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What a fun card and interesting challenge. This challenge lends itself to some masculine cards, which my stash desperately needs!
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What a fun challenge and I love your co-host's card! Love that metallic paper!
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Well, I to have never heard of this game, but what a cool challenge and lovely card!!
Linda Jo
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Such a great looking card...I like the background paper.....well done Mom
Great challenge Sheri.....now I'm going to choo-choo to the craft room....lol
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Great challenge! I have seen this game but have never played it. Have to look into this one...
Your card is beautiful and I love that train image. Well done to both of you!
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Thank you Kathy for the map in the last prize package or I wouldn't have had anything to work with. Clearly I need some more manly stamps. I cut ticket corners on my image too just to pass muster. I added the trees just because it looked like it needed something else and wanted to keep it masculine.


I'm sure the photo will right itself eventually. I don't know why when I resize it that it doesn't take right away. Oh well.
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It is wonderful, Elaine! Well done! As you see in my pictures the game board is a map, so it works perfectly!

For those of you who haven't heard of it, give it a try if you get the chance!! It is great. That's one reason I chose it--It isn't as well known (yet) as "classic" games like Monopoly and LIfe. And this game is 1,000 times better than Monopoly.

There are apps, at least for iPhone and iPad, in the app store for Ticket to Ride Europe and Ticket to Ride USA. You won't find this game at Walmart, but possibly Target. They do have it at Barnes and Noble as well.
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