Saturday- Take it outside! (Winner is TERRIE!)

Trudi What a great tennis ball and your bicycle card is so pretty. I love the flowers.
Linda Jo
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    This was fun to make!!!!
    bike 2.jpg
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    Linda Jo
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    Here is my card for outside.....
    IMG_20160522_151706954.jpg (165.53 KiB) Viewed 583 times
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    This image has a couple of very contemplative golfers. I had fun making this. Thanks for the challenge!
    Take It Outside
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    These cards make me want to get outside and play.
    Here is my card. We often think of basketball as an inside game, but it is often times played outside. The cement playgrounds are very hard on knees and feet though. My DH has the scars from 5 surgeries to prove it.
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    Look at all you ladies go! Woot!

    Linda Jo, fun explosion card you made!

    Terrie, you'll make some golfer very happy with that card!

    Ellie, that's some awesome paper! Love your card.

    Koren, that basketball paper is so fun!
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    Linda Jo, you did it! And your card is sure to delight whoever receives it! (Plus you get your name in the drawing twice!)
    Terrie, great card and love that sentiment! (Actually, going to ‘borrow it’!)
    Ellie, what great paper. Golfing makes me want to sit down, too! So fun!
    Koren, yes… outside basketball is fun, but concrete and blacktop is not very forgiving. Your card is delightful!
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    Linda Jo, what a fun card! Love both the outside and the inside.
    Terrie, that is a pretty golf card!
    Ellie, love the contemplative golfers! Enjoying the "vintage" look, too.
    Koren, that is a great basketball card!

    Kathy, I got started on mine, but haven't had time to get it done. Today was my baby's 23rd birthday. Good grief! Anyway, it was all about him. I'm hoping to get a chance to work on this tomorrow after work and before my evening meeting. If not, I'll finish it up on Tuesday.
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    I got this free digi stamp from a crafter on my Facebook page. He was giving his art away for free so I told him I would make a card using his work. Inside, the card it reads "miss you".

    Prince of Paper
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    Trudi, both cards turned out really nice
    Linda Jo, well done on your bike explosion card
    Ellie, another great card with your pattern paper
    Koren, very nice card....My grandson is always playing basketball outside
    Barry, great image and the sentiment is awesome

    well done everyone
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