Christmas STAR Crop Nov 16-19

As the crop starts in 2 weeks, I need at least 4 and hopefully 8 challenge hosts. If you'd like to host, please PM me and let me know which day works best for you. It will be Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, as usual.

This is our Christmas Crop, so please think of Christmas type ideas.

Please let me know if you'd like to host a challenge by Sunday, so we can get this planned!


It would help if I told you that we are going with STAR as our "theme". In that Wednesday challenge titles start with an S, Thursday challenges with a T, Friday challenges with an A, and Saturday challenges with an R. PM me with your ideas, day and title by Sunday. I want to make sure no one is doing anything too similar, and that we have all the days covered.

Thank you!

Wednesday "S" Challenge Hosts: Ellie and Terrie
Thursday "T" Challenge Hosts: Elaine and Jane
Friday "A" Challenge Hosts: Trudi and Linda Jo
Saturday "R" Challenge Hosts: Koren and Kathy

If anyone wants to host a game, let me know. If not, I'll come up with something.
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You're a doll for stepping up and hosting the crop! I can host a challenge; put me in anywhere but Saturday (I'm headed to Florida for Thanksgiving with my parents). I'll let you know what my challenge is when I come up with something - hopefully later today.
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I can host a challenge any day too. I will pm my idea to you, Golda.
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I am willing to host...any day is fine.
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Thank you to Elaine, Ellie and Trudi for volunteering so quickly. I sent each of you a PM. Also, added some details in the first post, which should help.
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I can do a challenge....
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Wednesday is covered. Anyone want to do a Saturday challenge? Title needs to start with an R.
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Hey all! I started up the crop forum, so I'm going to move this on over there for you! :D
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I can do a Saturday challenge. Count me in. Now... need to think of some "R" challenges!
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I can do a challenge Golda, any day is fine. I will start thinking!
Jane from Utah
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