Christmas is Coming!

Who has all of your Christmas cards made?

I have to say, I worked frantically, and got 32 of a specific card finished, yesterday. I am giving them 24 hours to dry completely, before putting them in the Christmas box. My husband counted and said I already had 53 Christmas cards in the box. He also told me some were really beautiful and some were pretty plain. Hmmmm. At least he doesn't have to make them. And, once again, I am going to try to stick with making 8-9 cards per month, so I don't have to rush at the end. :roll:

And, just as something to excite you for the crop next week, I have a game in mind. It is NOT a word unscramble, or a word search. By necessity, it does have to do with words (kind of difficult to do much else on a chat forum).

Crop starts next Wednesday!

If all of the hosts would please post what, if anything special, is needed for your challenge today or tomorrow, that will give us time to shop, this weekend.
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I have about 35 Christmas cards made. After I do the Crop challenges I should have plenty for this year.
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I have some done but every time I want to sit down and do more "life" gets in the way....
We are re-doing the craft room so it's pretty crazy around here too...
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I have 51 done, 12+ in process, and need LOTS more! I think it's time to pare down my Christmas card list...
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