Supplies Needed:

If each of the hosts would please post on here what, if anything, beyond basic supplies is needed for your challenge, it would be helpful. Please post today or tomorrow, so we have time to shop.

Basic supplies:
card stock
patterned paper
scissors/paper cutter
3D adhesive is usually helpful
stamps and ink are usually helpful, as well
some way to add color: pencils, markers, crayons, ink, etc.
a way to add sparkle is usually helpful: glitter, glitter glue, Stardust pens, sequins, rhinestones, etc.

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Besides the basics you will need a small sheet of acrylic.
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Basic supplies and some "String"
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My challenge can be done many different ways, so if you have ANY of the following in your crafting stash you will be set...

scoring board
quilling tool or tooth pick
sharp blade for your cutter
crochet thread & hook
Lots of good music or movie in the background, mug of good cheer, and patience!
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Basic supplies plus double sided foam tape (foam dots will work, too.)
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Just basic supplies needed for my challenge.
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Basic supplies for mine as well.
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You will need basic supplies plus a tiny battery operated tea light and a piece of vellum.
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Basic supplies here and some type of sparkle ( glitter, glitter glue, gold or silver papers, glitter papers ect.)
See you there!!!
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