Wed. Challenge...String It......Winner Koren

Ugh...I bled for this card! The tree is stitched onto the paper and the beads are tied into place. I'm not completely happy with how it turned out...string art is much easier on wood and nails because I could have unthreaded it and re do it without ruining the base!

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Koren, must be lots of great minds around here all thinking alike! Great job.

Trudi, it's very cute and so different!
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Golda, Koren and Trudi, So cute. I have never done one,and may have to try it.
I love the different ways you three used your string. Cute cute cute.
Linda Jo
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Koren your string wreath turned really nice...great background paper
Trudi, your string tree is very nice and you added beads to it....I'm glad you stayed with and finished it..

well done ladies and thanks for doing the STRING IT challenge
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Koren, your little Spirograph wreath is adorable. And the little touch of bling on the bow add a fun sparkle!
Trudi, I can't imagine how much work it was to tie those beads onto the string... and with such perfect placement. Sorry that is caused you real pain (blood is usually not involved in card making!) but the results of your labor are stunning!
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Koren and Trudi, wonderful string art! You both did an awesome job on your cards!
Jane from Utah
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Koren,that is a beautiful wreath and card.
Trudi, I really like that yours is such a different idea. Sorry it caused you so much trouble.
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Location: Phoenix AZ picked # 7 and my winner is..........Koren
Congrats and your prize will be mailed out on Friday

Thanks everyone for doing this challenge it was fun to see everyone's creations.......hugs
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Thank you! And thanks too to all you crafters for giving me some great ideas for using string.
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Congrats, Koren. And thanks, Terrie, for hosting a challenge that made us stretch a bit... (and maybe even tied a few of us in knots!)
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