Friday Challenge...Angels **Winner is Jane

Golda - I love the soft shades of purple you used. Your angel is very beautiful. Thank you for participating.
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Lovely angels, Ladies!
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Well, Katrina and Larry (Ellie's hubby) had like minds this morning...they both chose #4, but for us that winner is JANE!

Congrats Jane! Please PM me your contact info (I left my address book at home) and after my volunteer shift is over, I will stop by the Post Office and mail your prize!

Thank you everyone for participating in my Angel Challenge and the STAR crop!
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Golda, just noticed that you'd posted a creation. And a lovely one at that! Love the muted colors, and nice crisp folds. So pretty!

Also, congrats Jane, for winning this challenge. And thanks, Trudie, for hosting a challenge that was a challenge to a few of us. Well... at least to moi! I will try another Iris fold with your kind hints and tips. If it is presentable, I'll even post a photo! :)
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Thanks Trudi for the fun challenge and for winning!!! Tell Katrina thanks too! :D
Jane from Utah
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