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Wreath Builder

PostPosted: Mon Jan 21, 2019 3:53 pm
by Golda
This is mainly for Kathy, but anyone that is interested in the Wreath Builder, I made my own, before buying the set. All you need are 2 squares in the size you want your finished piece to be. Put the first one down in square orientation, then put the other on top in diamond orientation. Use a piece of acetate or thin plastic and cut around the outline of your two squares.

When you use your template, cut a square of paper the same size (if you used 3-1/2" squares to make your template, you use 3-1/2" squares of paper). Always start with your paper in square orientation, then move either direction.

Put your template in a Misti, or some sort of stamp platform, jig, etc. Attach it down well. Use smaller stamps and create your own wreaths. So, your paper gets put into the template in square orientation. It works well to put your stamp on the right side as close to the edge as possible. Stamp it, then turn your paper one notch either right, or left (just make sure you are always going in the same direction). Stamp again, turn your paper and keep lining up in all 8 notches. Then, remove your first stamp and add another one, or more stamps around the first image and go around again. To finish it off, you can stamp just in the "corners" of your square and instead of using each notch, move 2 notches around (each square orientation).

The 2 sizes in the actual Wreath Builder are 4" and 3-3/4". I made one that is 4-1/4" and another that is 3-1/2". The purchased ones aren't any better than what I made myself. They did, however, come with small stamps, though I use a lot of the small stamps from other sets.

The closer you put your stamps toward the center, the smaller your wreath center will be.