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Today challenge is to make a card with a theme of tradition that you did with your family or grand children.
When my brothers and sister were younger my brothers would go into the fairground and cut branches to make sister and mother would spray pixs and take apart poinsettias....then we would start and build the wreath....we would make red, gold, silver and sometime blue brothers would go around the neighborhood and sell them....every year the wreath making would get larger and larger and it had to have a red velvet bow.....they were high demand.
So my card is a wreath in the tradition I did with my family way back when we were together and it has a red velvet bow.

Tradition by:
1. Linda Jo
2. Trudi
3. Ellie
4. Kathy
5. Golda
6. Koren.....winner
7. Elaine
8. Barry
9. Jane
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Very cute Terrie!!! What a nice memory.
Linda Jo
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Terrie - I can't wait to read about everyone's Christmas traditions! Now to decide which of my favorite traditions can be turned into a card.
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What a great memory Terrie! Your card is beautiful!
Jane from Utah
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Great card Terrie! It will be fun to hear everyone's memories.
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Lovely card, Terrie, and thanks for sharing your wreath story. Thank you for hosting.
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Terrie, what a wonderful memory. Great tradition because it involves working together... and also being industrious! You had wise parents. And... I have a feeling, you are also a wise parent!
Your paper wreath is lovely, especially mounted on the weathered wood background. Like Trudi, I need to ponder this. But... am sure I'll come up with something!
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Terrie, that is a beautiful card and a wonderful memory! Oh, I already have an idea, now have to find time to make it.
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Our tradition for Christmas is to read the story of baby Jesus to the children and adults. It reminds everyone the real meaning of Christmas.So I am posting this card with baby Jesus in the manger.
baby Jesus.JPG
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Linda Jo
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Linda - tlhat is a great tradition to have...everyone could use that reminder!
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