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Okay, many of the years while I was growing up, my mom would get trees she wanted to plant in the yard, after Christmas, so we had trees in pots. She got pines 1 or 2 times, we had a plum, and the year I won't forget was the citrus tree she got one year. Orange trees have terrible thorns. She never got a cactus, but this was the only "tree" I had in a pot. :lol:

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Traditions have changed a bit, and now we have clam chowder every Christmas Eve at my mom's. There aren't any presents, just time to visit together, then to the late candlelight service at church.
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I didn't know that orange trees had thorns. Suppose it keeps the birds away?
And, your potted cacti (or is it cactuses) are cute.
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Golda - I love you Christmas Cacti! When we lived in Phoenix, it was always fun to see how people would add Christmas lights to their desert landscapes!
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When I was growing up we loved watching the Christmas cartoon specials. By the time my son was born there were tons of them on every year and we watched them daily leading up to Christmas. I still watch them whenever I can. My favorite is any version of A Christmas Carol. The one I remember most growing up was the version with Mr. Magoo.
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Cute little cacti Golda! That's an adorable stamp.

Wonderful vintage card Koren. Your story brought back visions of my daughter watching the clay-mation Raisins. She recorded all the Christmas specials one year and watched the Raisins every chance she got.
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Nice cards and memories, Ladies. My favorite Christmas program for kids (theoretically) is Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas. It was made by Jim Henson using puppets but none of the famous ones . It was very sweet with a theme of being happy with what you have in life. i love it and I’ve watched it numerous times.
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Ellie, that sounds like a great one, but I've never seen, or heard of it, before. I'll have to look for it.

Koren, I love your card and the fun scrooge image to the side. Great memories.
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I have really enjoyed reading all your traditions! Ellie, my memory of the family get together is the Aunts and Uncles would start at our house they would have a few cocktails and so on and so on to the others houses. By the time they were at the last house two of the drunk uncles decided to slide down the street on the ice in their dress shoes. Not a happy site.
Thanks for the memories and all your cards are wonderful!!!
Jane from Utah
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Golda, I always wondered if people decorated their Cactus plant at Christmas....I guess they do
Thanks for sharing your family story and card

Koren, no matter what is watched on TV before or after Christmas when family are together that is what counts and your card turned out really nice.....

Thanks ladies for playing and I love all of your traditions
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My dad was...uhm, er...thrifty growing up. He would never buy a tree; he always cut one down when he was hunting. There were some years they were definite Charlie Brown Trees. Admittedly, they always did look better once it was decorated and certainly once presents were under it. (Though there were a couple years it was a hard sell for the family.) So Dad, this card is for you!


Oh, as I look at the card, I need to Wink of Stella the bottom part. :D
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