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Back in the days before liability insurance, the local fire department used to flood their parking lot for ice skating all winter. Afterward we would go home and have a cup of hot chocolate. My card has double pockets; the big one will be for a pack of hot cocoa but I didn't want to cover up my cute ice skate paper and the the middle pocket will hold the bookmarks/tags.

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Elaine, that is a wonderful card!!! Love your ice skater and how you did your pockets. Your tags are super cute. Thanks for joining in the challenge.
Jane from Utah
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Koren, love the way you matched the color scheme of your card with the hot chocolate packet. The colors are yummy!
Golda, what a great way to incorporate the meaning of Christmas into your stocking tradition.
Elaine, pretty card packed full of nice things. And... I remember spending hours and hours at the ice rink in the winter. Ours was on the river at the edge of town, and had a nice little warming house with a woodburning stove.

Golda, the word Uff da is common in the Dakotas and Minnesota (where I've lived most of my life) because of the large number of Norwegians that settled there. It is a word that is often used to express dismay (Drat!, Oops!, Oh no!) It can also express surprise (OH!) or astonishment (Wow!). And "Uffda yah" means, "Well, okay then."
Here are some situations in which Uff da would be appropriate (I remember reading these on an old postcard)-
Dropping your only egg on the floor
Discovering your new spouse loves Lutefisk
Having a mouse crawl up your leg on a hayride
Looking in your rearview mirror and seeing flashing red lights
Dropping your chewing gum in the chicken coop.

I say "Uffda" and "I't's a hoot" quite often. And I'm not Norwegian, but lived in the upper Midwest most of my life. So, it kinda grows on you, "Doncha know, hey?"
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Kathy, you are a hoot! I love that you use those sayings. Thanks for the explanation.

Elaine, your card is beautiful and I love the hot cocoa.
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Elaine, your pocket card would make a wonderful gift during these winter months that are coming....well done
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Elaine - what a cute ice skater
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We have a winner!!! Random.org chose ELLIE Congratulations! I will get your prize in the mail this week.
Thanks to everyone that participated in my challenge. Every entry was great and so were all the memories you all shared.
Jane from Utah
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Woo Hoo!! Thanks, Jane!
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