Walk down Memory Lane WINNER IS ELLIE!!!

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I am loving the cards and the memories! Trudi, have fun with the "secret recipe" in the pocket! :lol: Great way to have your friend call you.
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Trudi, thanks for sharing not one but two memories. Your choc covered cherries sound yummy! And the time your with your little kiddos also sounds sweet!

Linda Jo, love the colors on your card, and that touch of metalic.

Terrie, your tree card is lovely. And I understand the whole issue of the work involved in putting up and taking down a tree. Last year we put the tree up and put on the lights... but didn't put any of the decorations on it. Not sure what we will do this year. Time will tell!
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My memory involves the first year I was married. We spent Christmas with my hubby's family and I got my first taste of the Norwegian delicacy named Lutefisk. Actually, what I remember more than the taste is the smell! Lutefisk is cod preserved in lye. It has little taste, mainly the butter that is poured on it. It has an odd, gelatinous texture, and smells horrendous!
I understand that it is an acquired taste... but one that I never plan to acquire! Am thankful that my sweet hubby has never acquired the taste either!

My card features a stamp that was made from one of my sketches back in the mid-90's plus sentiment stamps that I developed to go with it. Made the little Viking into fridge magnets that I gave to family members as gifts years ago. Was fun to create another card using one of the magnets.

The card reads, "This Christmas I promise to protect the contents of your refrigerator..." Inside reads,"If the aroma of Lutefisk doesn't keep them out, I will!"

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Love everyone's cards and memories. When my son was small we lived in a community that had a Christmas parade every year. This was near Salt Lake so there was usually snow and it was cold out. We lived near enough to the parade route that we could walk. We would dress up really warmly and go and enjoy the parade. My son never complained about the cold, probably because he was too excited about the parade and Santa who was always at the end. After the parade was over though he wanted to hurry home and have hot chocolate. So, here is my card and the pocket holds hot chocolate mix.
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Kathy what a smelly memory, but, oh, so fun! Love that cute little viking and the fun sayings. "Uffda" is probably my favorite, just because it sounds fun, though I don't know what it means.

Koren, what a sweet memory and a great card and drink included.

My memory is that when the kids were little, they received a stocking every year, but I never told them that Santa was real, we discussed about St. Nicholas and the story that went along with him and why. We didn't say Santa wasn't real, we just asked them what they thought. So, in their stocking every year, they got something about God, either a new Bible, a Bible story book, a Christian CD, or something along those lines. My husband insisted they also get some candy, so they would get something sweet, as well.
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It's kind of a plain card, so I may search through the "bling" bag and find some pink stones to put on it, but I couldn't find any in my quick search, while making the card.
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I love everyone's stories and cards to go along with them! I'm back home so hope to finish my last 2 card challenges today.
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Kathy, that is such a funny memory! I bet that fish sticks... I love your Viking and that you drew it all! Very very cute card with the cute saying inside and out.

Koren, I remember the parade every year and yes it was always soooo cold! We didn't go but we always went to Sugar House and saw Santa in his little house. It was cold waiting in line. Your card is really cute! Love the paper you used.

Golda, such a sweet memory! Your card is adorable.

Thanks for playing in my challenge ladies.
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Great cards, Ladies!
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Kathy, Koren and Golda, great looking card and such wonderful stories to go with your cards
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Kathy - adorable magnet
Koren - Hot cocoa after a cold and possible snowy parade is a Must!
Golda - cute stocking
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