Crop Wrap-Up

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Well, kids, this is your reminder that you have until midnight tonight to post your entries. Winners will be drawn and posted tomorrow morning. It has been great to see so much participation! Thank you so much to my hostesses for all of your hard work.

Since we are such a small group, let's spread the wealth on prizes and try not to have people win more than once. So, choose a winner but have an alternate winner if you see that the person has already won another challenge. Message or text me if you have questions.
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Thanks for being the Grand Puba and organizing us Ellie! A fun crop to be sure!
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Thanks for organizing a fun crop, Ellie!

Thanks to all the hosts for fun challenges, too.
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Thanks to Ellie and all the hosts for a great Crop!!!
Jane from Utah
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Ellie, it was a great Crop and you picked great theme....
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Great job organizing us Ellie! It definitely was fun.
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Thanks, Elllie. I really appreciate your spread the wealth advice!
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