Almost Easter!!

Dispel the Monday blues with this Monday morning to Sunday night challenge.

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Cute baskets Terrie!
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Your Easter baskets are darling, Terrie! So cute!
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A while ago one of you had us make these wonderful box cards with belly bands for a challenge. I have used the pattern several times since then when giving gifts of cards. The image I used is the current Friday Freebie at Bugaboo available right now (You can get it free for a few more days at It is called Jar Tulips.) Since I didn't get a chance to create until today, am hoping that it was okay to replace the Easter basket with this card box? I filled it with an assortment of Spring themed cards and some yummy teas. Will be giving it to my MIL as part of her 95th Birthday present. Can't wait to see her in a few weeks!
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Terrie, I love how the butterfly is perched on the handle. So creative!
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I like your idea on the box card...such a lovely gift to give the image is very nice.
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Kathy, of course it is fine. I love your card box. Your jar of flowers are so pretty. Thanks for playing.
Linda Jo
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Kathy, that is a great present! What a great image, as well.
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