April Showers...4/16 to 4/22

Dispel the Monday blues with this Monday morning to Sunday night challenge.

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Terrie - I love that you inverted the umbrella and filled it with flowers!
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Terrie, that is beautiful! Love all the fun colors and bling.
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Love all your "rainy" cards...fun challenge!
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Lovely card, Terrie! I just came from our local nursery and the flowers were a riot of color just like your umbrella. May we all get to plant flowers soon!
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Trudi- your cards are wonderful. And love that photo. What a talented photographer to find that one little daffodil to show her pretty face!
Ellie- your card is spring time sweet.
Elaine- love your panels... and it does look like it took some planning.
Golda- I agree with the others... if there are oopsies there... they only add to the beauty of your cards.
Terrie- love that umbrella vase!

I hope to find some time to play tomorrow.
For now... I am ready to call it a day. The weather here is so weird. We still have 3-6 inches of now dirty snow on the ground... and the pollen count is skyrocketing! No Fair! It doesn't look like Spring how come the trees get to call the shots! My head has been fuzzy and pounding for the last few days. Ackkk!
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