Regional Birthday Sept 16 to 22

Dispel the Monday blues with this Monday morning to Sunday night challenge.

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Erika, well done on your card and using a stamp from an artist from your area is pretty nice.
Kathy, such a fun card and using your image from the past is also the cow and the sentiment
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It's raining, it's pouring...birthday wishes!

I also made a matching envelope!

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and yes, today it was raining and I found that my rubber boot has a hole in it :(
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Love your boots Trudi! Sorry your real boot isn't keeping your feet dry anymore. Good excuse to buy a new cute pair though.
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Trudi, I love your card and that you made a cute matching envelope! Sorry about your real boot, though.
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Trudi, I love your colorful card and envy. They would brighten any dreary day!
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