Phase 10: May 18 - 24

Dispel the Monday blues with this Monday morning to Sunday night challenge.

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Oh, Barry, I'm so glad you did the 10th Phase!!! It was incredibly rude of him not to take the card. I'm really glad you upcycled it and the next recipient will value it more.
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Wow... I'm impressed by all the amazing cards... and that so many of you made up to 10 cards! This is my second card and I'm using "upcycle."
I used a scrap of acetate that I cut from a plastic package (I think they are called clam packaging?!) Used a freebie Martini digi that you can nab HERE (https://pattiescreationschallenge.blogs ... e-170.html) and added a layer of the plastic to add realism to the card. The olives each have little pimentos (made with a tiny scrap of red mulberry paper. So fun!)
The sentiments are computer-generated. ( learned that I can select a bold font- I used a freebie named "SNAP ITC" to create the sentiment. Then, on the Word toolbar, click on the little arrow at the bottom of the "font" option, select "text effects" at the bottom left, then select text outline (solid line, then black) and text fill (no fill)

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Barry, that's sad & funny at the same time. Good job revamping the card.

Kathy, I am always impressed with your up cycling cards! This one is no exception.
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Kathy I love your upcycle card and that digi stamp is delightful but my most favorite is that font! I am a proud and out loud fontaholic. And using the olives in place of the “o”’s is just adorable. Love it!
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Great cards everyone and I love all of your ideas....great cards and a great challenge.

so sad that this guy didn't take your card with him Barry but at least you got it back revamp saved it.
Kathy, awesome card and I too like how you used the olives for the O's...great thinking.

It's been a very long time that I've seen this site have 5 pages for a challenge....Just awesome everyone.
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Kathy, what a great upcycle card! I love how you used the acetate.

Sorry about not posting a winner, yet. I slept in, then cleaned the house, and totally forgot. I'll have choose our winner momentarily.

Thank you all for playing along. It was fabulous having so many people join in and do more than one card! I love seeing your creativity!!!!
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