Knock 3 Times - Aug 3 - Aug 9

Dispel the Monday blues with this Monday morning to Sunday night challenge.

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Nice job Trudi! It will be so nice to have your stuff all back in the craft room and organized.
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Trudi, that's a wonderful card! Organizing always takes a lot of time, but it's so fun to find things you've forgotten about, or where, exactly, they were. Have fun with the organizing!
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Golda, Kathy and Trudi, what great cards you all have made with the color bingo from was fun to see what you all came up with....I knew that my crafty friends met the challenge...well done to all.
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Golda, your second card is fun... even though making it wasn't!
Terrie, that is great paper. Glad to got to take some time from organizing to play!
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Trudi, I am so glad you were able to participate with us! I love the colors which make a very beautiful fall inspired card! Great Job!
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Thank you Prince of Paper....
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