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Dear friends,
I learned on Thursday that we were not awarded a grant to continue our current drug prevention programming. Usually the feds send a "you're not being funded" letter with your grant score and suggestions before the winners are announced. For some reason that didn't happen this time. Instead, my staff and I learned of it while at a national conference in Boston. We still haven't received a letter with the details... which is so very wrong. So, in less than a month my two staff and I might be looking for jobs. I am still in shock. Will be meeting with my boss on Tuesday to see what can be salvaged... and check out other grant options.
In the meantime, would appreciate your prayers. I know that God will see us through this as he has in the past. But for now, I am praying for His comfort and encouragement as we figure out next steps.
And... I am thankful for my stamping which always provides therapeutic stress relief. I'm heading to my craft room to work on Golda's "Night Sky" challenge and develop my challenges for next week. I look forward to losing myself in creating.
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Kathy you got it. I am now sending my prayers of wholeness and Divine rightness to you right now! Keep you chin up, keep thinking positively and keep thinking of positive right outcome. You will be guided and held in strength and in Joy - always!
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Definitely praying, my friend.
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Sending prayers for the funding to keep your program running and you and your staff to keep doing important work. Hugs to you.
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Kathy, you and your staff will be in my thoughts and prayers.
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Same here Kathy will have you and your team in my prayers and thoughts....good luck my friend
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Ditto Kathy on all the above! Hang in there my friend. Things around the world are unsettling right now... Hugs
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