Happy New Year...it's time for a CROP!

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Happy New Year everyone!

I plan on hosting our CROP the first week of February! The title is LOVE, and if you sign up as a Challenge Host I will share more important details. I need 4 Challenge Hosts (more would be lovely) and 1 game Host.

If most of you want me to change it to another week in February, I am willing to do that too! I would love most, if not all of us, to be able to participate.
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I'm happy to host a challenge. I can do any day so put me where you need me.
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I can host, too. Thursday, Friday, or Saturday work best for me.
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Thanks for hosting this crop, Trudi. I would be happy to host a challenge. And any day should work.
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For the LOVE Challenge, I have:

Thurs - Golda


I have Kathy and Elaine selecting their days, so I need 1 more challenge host and a game host....any other takers???
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I will be your fourth! :D Wed, Fri or Saturday will be just fine.
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The crop forum is open. So you can start a hostess call there if you'd like. Or I can move this thread into the crop forum.

Thank you all for carrying on in my longer than anticipated absence. :roll:
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