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Hi everyone!

I hope everyone is staying safe from the Corona Virus.

Today we got notification that the Debate State Championships will be postponed until late April. Katrina's very disappointed, she's set to compete in 2 different categories...Oratory (speech) and Duo (2 person skit) but she understands it's important to keep all the kids healthy. Her biggest fear to loosing the momentum and the rhythm of speeches (practices have been cancelled too).

Hope you all have a good weekend!
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Best not to take chances. We've had several confirmed cases of the Coronavirus here.
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It is sad for the students who put a lot of their time into whatever they are doing BUT it is better to be safe.

I can understand Katrina's disappointment...my grand daughter Katelynn's trip to Portugal with her class in photographing has been cancel too she was going in May...all the money she raised for her trip is put aside she hope that this virus can be controlled and still go in May...

Be safe everyone.....
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Well...Katrina's band concert just got cancelled...and the school play too! The kids understand but it's still a bummer!

On another note, Stephen has been working at Starbuck's head quarters and they decided to have everyone work from home! Yeah me...the hubby underfoot all day long! And his "office" space is right next to my bedroom, craft area, laundry room, and tool storage so everything I try to do makes noise and disrupts his video conferences (or he wakes me up with everyone talking and I have to "sneak" out of our room so I'm not caught on camera)! I am frantically clean/organizing out Joseph's junk so that Stephen might be able to move the "office" to Joseph's room...God, I hope it works because I can't do this for the next 20+ days! If you don't hear from me on Monday (I'm hosting the challenge) you know it's because I've gone stark raving crazy and have been locked up in a loony bin somewhere!
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:lol: :lol: :lol: Oh, Trudi, you made me laugh. I totally get it, but it's still funny. Try not to go crazy!
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Katrina's band teacher decided to have the kids perform without an audience and do a YOUTUBE video. Here's the link.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cjg7BPi ... Ti_Y4DE_eU

We hope that this brightens your evening/day. Since it's on Youtube, you can also share it with others than would love to hear the kids' hardwork!
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