Card (supplies) for a cause!

Bless others with your talent by sharing it. Suggestions on places to share your card creations.
Several months ago I told the group about the substance abuse treatment facility where I work. I had noted that we would be moving into a new building with an art room, and that I was seeking donations of stamping and scrapping supplies to help stock it. Several of you send boxes full of stickers, assorted stamps, and lots of fun embellies. I added some things and ended up with three boxes crammed full of goodies.

Well... we moved in last week and today I delivered the boxes. I stopped in later and three clients were having so much fun going through the boxes. They were working on display boards that depicted their life in recovery... so the bright colors, sparkly papers and flowers were getting lots of use. I'll be teaching some stamping classes in the coming weeks. But, until then, I know that they'll have fun using up the many treats that you helped to provide.

PS If you are interested in donating any items, PM me and I'll give you my address. They usually cut letters from magazines so the letter stickers are coveted! But, at this point, they'll appreciate anything crafty!

PSS Any donations are tax deductible, so I can provide a receipt of market value if desired.
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I'm so glad they are enjoying the treasures!
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I am going to be going through some things and I think there may be some letters. I don't use them and someone may as well get some use from them. Could you PM me your address. I know I have it, but who knows where after all this moving around.
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