Add/Change Avatars

To add/change your avatar:

1. Go to the "User Control Panel" (toward upper right of the site)
2. You'll see different tabs--choose the "Profile" tab.
3. Under that, on the left, you'll see several options (Edit Profile, Edit Signature, Edit Avatar, Edit Account Settings)--Choose "Edit Avatar."
4. Browse for the (resized) file you've chosen for your avatar. There's a box right above the "Browse" button that will show you what your current (if any) avatar looks like.
5. Submit.

If it is too large it will give you a error message in red text above where the box is that will show you what the pic looks like.

It does give you the maximum dimensions/file size there, but here they are just in case. ;)
Maximum Dimensions: 120 x 120 pixels
Maximum File Size: 29.30 KB
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