Guidelines: PARTICIPATING in a swap

Join the fun! Please read swap guidelines before participating.
Please thoroughly read these guidelines before committing to participate in a swap.

Right now the guidelines are quite easy-going. We'd like to keep it that way, but if problematic circumstances arise we may have to impose more rigid rules for swapping. So please strive to follow these guidelines so that doesn't become necessary!

Swap Guidelines for Swappers

Joining a Swap: To join a swap simply post a reply to the swap thread telling the host you would like to join. If the host is allowing swappers to have multiple spots tell them how many spots you would like to have. Make sure you have read the swap directions and that you are able to commit to the swap before you sign up. Be sure to ask any questions you have before signing up.

Completing the Swap: Make the required items for the swap. Be sure to use any required items that the host may have specified to be used for the swap. Try to do your best work using quality products when completing your swap.
If you sign up for a swap, you are expected to complete the swap. Other players in the swap are counting on you to submit your work. We understand that emergencies happen and that life sometimes can get in the way. Should you find that you are unable to complete the swap, notify the host right away. This will allow him or her to try to find a "swap angel" to take your place or to make the necessary adjustments for the swap. Letting the swap host know at last minute that you cannot complete the swap is not acceptable as you should normally have your swap completed at least 5 days before the due date to allow for mailing time.

Mailing Your Swap: Check to see if your host has requested any certain size envelopes, their postage requirements, packaging requirements and any other mailing requests in the swap description. You should try to mail your swap 5 days before the swap is due to allow for ample time to reach the host. For international swappers it is suggested that you allow 10 days. Following the host requirements will help ensure that your swap is received in time by the host and in good condition. For additional information and help with packaging your swap, refer to the "Mailing and Packaging Guideline for Swappers". This is useful for both the swap host and the swap participants.

Communication: Communicating with your swap host is important. Ask any questions that you may have regarding the swap. Be sure to check the swap thread throughout the swap time period for any messages or updates from the host. Let your swap host know when you have mailed your swap by either posting on the swap thread or by notifying your host via email or PM. Once the swap has gone full circle and you have received your swap back, be sure to let your swap host know that you have received your swap.

If there is a problem: We're all human and make mistakes, so if a problem does come up please contact and discuss the problem with the host/hostess first. Through such communication we hope that you can come to a resolution. If you are not able to do so, then (and only then) contact the administrator for assistance. If such instances become frequent we may have to change the swapping rules, as mentioned above.

Thank you for taking time to read these guidelines. Happy swapping!
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