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It's time for us to thank our Superheros...our military veterans!

When Katrina was a Daisy Girl Scout (and for the next 4 years), her troop performed at our local Veterans' Day ceremony. It was so awesome to hear the girls sing proudly "Thank a Vet" and the military personnel was touched by them and the cards the girls made for them. I remember one of the younger speakers telling us that the younger vets don't see themselves as "Heros" and have problems accepting our praise. That makes me sad...each one of them is a Hero!

This challenge is to make a card for a American Super Hero! If you make a card that is not Red, White, and Blue (Americana themed), I will give you an extra entry into the drawing.

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1. Terrie (2x)
2. Ellie
3. Jane (2x)
4. Kathy
5. Elaine
6. Golda (2x)
7. Koren (2x)

PS...if I can find the video of the girls singing, I will post it for you to see!
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Nice challenge Trudi and your card is very cool. I'm doggie sitting this week so I'm hoping to get home each day a little to play, otherwise I'll be playing catch up Monday-Tuesday on these challenges.
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Nice challenge Trudi! My husband wears his Vietnam hat when we go out and he has so many sweet people come up and thank him for his service. I will try and find something that will work for this challenge. Very nice card and story.
Jane from Utah
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Trudi, Your card is so appropriate. I love the dog tags on your card. Very nice shirt shape too.
Linda Jo
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Trudi, I love when you share stories about your amazing daughter and your scout troupe. This story is great! And the card, with its dog tags tag, and inside sentiment is awesome!
(And Jane, I'll need to start watching for guys hats. I do like to thank a vet, but usually am just doing that at airports when they are in uniform. Actually, I try to remember to tuck a handful of cards and stamped envelopes in my carryon bag, mainly thinking of you for spouses and kiddos. I offer them to military folks who are shipping out to help them keep in touch with family and friends. Started doing it when making cards for OWH and just kept it up!)
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Well done Trudi on both cards and thanks for acknowledging our Veterans....
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Trudi, those are great cards and a wonderful message, too. This one will take some thought, but I'm looking forward to it.

Kathy, what an amazing thing to do for soldiers!
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Here is my card I also made my own camouflage background (well I hope it looks like camouflage).
My brother-in-law would be very happy with this year he was invited to Washington D.C. to be honored and on the way back they had Mail Call on the plane and he received a lot of Thank you cards for his service....

Thanks Trudi for a great challenge.
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Terrie, that is great thing that happened for your BIL. Your card is great and I love your camouflage. How did you make it?
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Golda with four ink pads.....Vintage Photo, Peeled Paint, Tea Dye and a swipe of Jet Black ink.
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