Aparecium - the Revealing Charm - WINNER is TRUDI!!

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Good morning everyone and welcome to the first day of the "Platform 9 3/4" spring crop! Aparecium is a revealing charm from the Harry Potter books that "will force invisible ink or other hidden message to appear. It is also possible this spell can be used to make other things reveal themselves." Hermoine Granger attempts to use this charm on Tom Riddle's diary but nothing appears as that wasn't the enchantment that was placed on the book.

My challenge for you this week is to do a "Magic Slider" card. I have to admit this was my very first attempt at doing this technique and this crop allowed me to try it out. I have to say it is quite magical to watch the colors appear right before your eyes. Here are my examples:




Here is a video link on how to do this:

This does take a bit of work but it is soooooo worth it to see this in action. I hope you get a chance to play.

You have until midnight on Tuesday, February 27, to upload a picture of your creation for this challenge to be entered into a drawing for a small prize. Winner will be posted on Wednesday, February 28.

Now let the magic begin! APARECIUM!

Those appearing:
1. Kathy
2. MarjiBelle
3. Golda
4. Trudi - WINNER!!!

Congrats Trudi your package will be sent off later this week. Thank you to my brave soldiers for creating with me this week!
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Prince of Paper
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What a wonderful challenge and a fantastic magical card, Barry! I love that you added the spell that goes with it. :D
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Oh, I haven't made one of these in almost 20 years. And I need to make a card for my MIL. This just might be it!
PS Your sweet little bird card is so cheery!
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Beautiful card Barry!!!!!
Linda Jo
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Beautiful card Barry! I've never made a Magic Slider Card before and am looking forward to trying it out.
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Well done on your card Prince of Paper...it turned out awesome....tfs
Will have to do this challenge over the week-end (I hope)
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H Barry! Love your card (so pretty!) and your challenge. It's perfect for the theme of this crop.
I've been seeing this style of card lately on the internet a lot but have yet to try it. I hope I can find time to give it a try this week during the crop.
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Wonderful card Barry! When I read the title to the crop I had no idea what it was about! :lol: But your post helped me understand that it's about Harry Potter. I am not familiar with the books and haven't seen any of the movies so this is all new to me.... I hope I can get this challenge done because it looks so elegant.
Jane from Utah
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That's great, Barry! I wish all my supplies weren't packed away. :cry:
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Great challenge Barry and love your card! I haven't made one of these Magic Slider cards either.
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