Thursday: Welcome to Potions Class! Golda & MarjiBelle

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Marji, I love your box card! As always you are right on top of things!
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Love, love, love your box card MarjiBelle!
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Thank you so much Golda. I’m having a blast! I’ve decided to send them to a teacher who is collecting cards for the kids in the Florida school where the shooting was. All kids love Harry!
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Welcome Marjibelle! I love your Love Potion box card. You have a great stash of paper for this Crop theme. Thank you for participating in my challenge. that you are sending the cards to help out the kids!
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Step Card.....check
Bottle Sticker.....check
Sparkle.....Mirrored cardstock & Rhinestones on image....check
Envelope....same border on the card and envelope.....check
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Terrie - I love the mirror paper. Great job!
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Terrie, that is fabulous.
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MarjiBelle, great job on your box card! It's so fun to have a newbie here!

Terrie, awesome step card!
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Great glitzy step card Terrie! You did a great job with this challenge!
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I have to say that I had the most fun with this challenge. I knew that I wanted to do lightning bugs as my inspiration so, first I made this strawberry basket card, added a cut acetate bottle, cut little lightning bugs, colored them with my copics, added the bling swirls to acetate, cut those out and added them to the box card. Even I impressed myself.

Here is the finished card....

Here is the card with the matching envelope which I used the negative paper from the flaps:

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